FO: Haven scarf (PPP8)

Montei em 51 pontos ao invés de 40 pontos, aproximadamente 25 cm de largura.
Cast on 51 sts instead of 40 sts, approx. 25 cm wide.

Receita/Pattern: Haven - Hearfelt by Kim Hargreaves
Agulha/Needle: 5.0 mm / US 8
Fio/Yarn: 2 novelos/balls Pingouin Noblesse - M. Yellow 2241

Haven scarf - vestido & calça Le Lis Blanc - blusa Ellus - botas Claudia Mourão / Haven scarf - Le Lis Blanc dress & jeans - Ellus blouse - Claudia Mourão boots. Photos by Tulio Correa.


Annie said...

Simple and nice!! This is a very familiar lace pattern!! oh yes, it's the same lace as Phildar cardigan i knitted b4!